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Ubiquiti Installation Vancouver

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Installation Gurus offers Ubiquiti installation in Vancouver, and the Metro Area. Our team can help install and configure Ubiquiti security cameras, access points, access control systems, WiFi extension devices and other equipment. Get one of our experts on the phone to discuss how Ubiquiti equipment can improve your home or business.

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Ubiquiti Equipment Explained

What is Ubiquiti?

Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. (commonly known as Ubiquiti) is an American technology company that specializes in networking equipment and solutions. It was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in New York City.

Ubiquiti offers a wide range of products including wireless access points, routers, switches, surveillance systems, and network management software. The company is known for its innovative and affordable networking solutions that cater to a variety of sectors such as small and medium businesses, enterprise networks, service providers, and residential customers.

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Why Choose Ubiquiti?

Benefits of Ubiquiti Equipment Installation

Apple of network devices. Ubiquiti installation is one of our favourites and that’s for a good reason. Ubiquiti equipment looks stunning and is interesting to work with. In addition to the excellent look & feel this equipment delivers excellent quality to our clients. There is a number of other reasons to install Ubiquiti for your home and business.

  • Cost-effectiveness - Ubiquiti equipment is known for its relative affordability compared to other networking solutions in the market. 

  • Easy manage - Ubiquiti devices are designed to be user-friendly, making management straightforward. 

  • Performance - despite the relatively affordable pricing, Ubiquiti equipment offers high-performance capabilities. 

  • Scalability - Ubiquiti offers a wide range of networking devices, including access points, switches, routers, and security appliances. This allows businesses to easily scale their network infrastructure as their needs grow, without the need for a complete overhaul.

  • Seamless integration - Ubiquiti equipment is built to support seamless integration with other Ubiquiti products, ensuring compatibility and interoperability within the network. 

  • Robust security features - Ubiquiti devices come with comprehensive security features, including firewall protection, VPN support, and advanced encryption protocols. 

  • Advanced analytics & monitoring - gain insights, optimize network performance, and identify potential bottlenecks.

  • Reliability - Ubiquiti equipment is known for its reliability and stability. The devices are built with high-quality components and undergo rigorous testing to ensure uninterrupted performance.

  • Community support - Ubiquiti has a large and active community of users and enthusiasts who readily share their knowledge and provide support. 

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Some of the Popular Ubiquiti Equipment we Install

Ubiquiti Installation Services in Vancouver


Ubiquiti Dream Machine

The Ubiquiti Dream Machine is an all-in-one network appliance that combines a router, switch, and security gateway into a single device. The installation service involves setting up and configuring the Ubiquiti Dream Machine to create a comprehensive and secure network solution.


Ubiquiti Network Design

Ubiquiti network design services involve planning and designing a customized network infrastructure using Ubiquiti equipment. This includes determining the optimal placement and configuration of devices, selecting appropriate Ubiquiti products, and creating a network design that meets the specific requirements and goals of the client.


Ubiquiti Amplifi

Ubiquiti Amplifi is a home mesh Wi-Fi system designed for residential customers. This installation service includes setting up and configuring the Amplifi router and mesh points to create a reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi network throughout the home.


Ubiquiti Mesh WiFi Access Points

Ubiquiti Mesh WiFi access points are designed to create a seamless and reliable wireless network. These access points work together to extend Wi-Fi coverage without compromising performance. The installation service includes strategically placing and configuring the Mesh WiFi access points to ensure optimal coverage and performance throughout the desired area.


Ubiquiti Flex HD

Ubiquiti Flex HD is a high-performance indoor/outdoor access point that delivers reliable Wi-Fi coverage. The installation service includes deploying and configuring the Flex HD access points to ensure fast and seamless connectivity in both indoor and outdoor environments.


Ubiquiti Door Access Solutions

Ubiquiti door access systems provide secure access control to buildings and premises. This installation service involves setting up and configuring Ubiquiti access control devices, such as access readers, controllers, and management software, to establish a comprehensive door access system.


Ubiquiti POE Switch Installation

Ubiquiti Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches provide power and data connectivity to PoE-enabled devices, such as IP cameras and wireless access points, through a single Ethernet cable. The installation service involves setting up and configuring the PoE switch to efficiently power and connect these devices.


Ubiquiti WiFi Range Extenders

Ubiquiti range extenders help extend the coverage of existing Wi-Fi networks to eliminate dead zones and improve signal strength. The installation service involves strategically placing and configuring the range extenders to achieve optimal coverage throughout the desired area.

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Other Ubiquiti Installation & Network Design Services 

Our team can design networks and install Ubiquiti equipment in the Vancouver area. It includes the installation of various Ubiquiti products such as access points, switches, routers, and other devices to establish a reliable and efficient network infrastructure.

Ubiquiti Installation Vancouver can be Used by

Who can Benefit from Ubiquiti Installation Services?

Ubiquiti installation can benefit a wide range of individuals and organizations. Here are some examples:

  • Small businesses - Ubiquiti equipment offers cost-effective networking solutions for small businesses that may have limited budgets. With their affordability and ease of use, Ubiquiti devices can help small businesses establish a reliable and efficient network infrastructure.

  • Startups - Startups often need to set up their network infrastructure from scratch. Ubiquiti installation provides an affordable and scalable option for startups to establish their networking needs without breaking the bank.

  • Enterprise networks - Ubiquiti's product range includes advanced networking devices such as high-performance access points, switches, and routers. Enterprise networks can benefit from these devices to create robust and scalable network infrastructure that meets the demands of a large organization.

  • Service providers - Ubiquiti equipment is popular among internet service providers (ISPs) and managed service providers (MSPs) due to its affordability, scalability, and ease of management. Ubiquiti devices enable service providers to deliver reliable and high-performance connectivity to their customers.

  • Educational institutions - schools, colleges, and universities can benefit from Ubiquiti installation to provide reliable Wi-Fi coverage across their campuses. With the ability to scale the network as required, Ubiquiti devices can cater to the connectivity needs of classrooms, libraries, dormitories, and other areas.

  • Residential customers - Ubiquiti offers products that cater to residential customers as well. Homeowners can set up reliable and secure Wi-Fi networks using Ubiquiti access points and routers, ensuring fast and consistent internet connectivity throughout their homes.

  • Outdoor deployments - Ubiquiti's outdoor access points are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor deployments. This makes them ideal for outdoor venues, parks, and city-wide Wi-Fi initiatives.

Overall, anyone or any organization that requires cost-effective, reliable, and scalable networking solutions can benefit from Ubiquiti installation.

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