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Commercial Seucrity Camera Installation Calgary & Beyond

Over 1,000 Years in Security Camera Footage & Counting!

Welcome to Installation Gurus, your trusted source of commercial security camera installations. Our services include security camera installations for office buildings, warehouses, plants, car dealerships, and other industrial facilities. In addition, we offer security camera installations for large properties – like condos, apartment buildings and more.


If you are looking for quality, your search is over. You found us. Get one of our security camera installation experts on the phone today!


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   Security Cameras Installation for Business in Calgary   

What are the Benefits of Security Camera Installations for Commercial Buildings?

Installing security cameras in commercial buildings can offer many benefits. In some cases, security camera installation is simply required by law, in others – business owners want to have security cameras installed so they can get peace of mind that in the event that something happens they can go through the footage.

  • Potentially Deter Crime - security cameras can act as a deterrent to criminals, as they may be less likely to commit a crime if they know they are being monitored.

  • Evidence Collection - If a crime does occur, security cameras can potentially provide valuable evidence to help identify the perpetrator.

  • Remote Monitoring - many modern security cameras can be accessed remotely, which allows business owners or security personnel to monitor the premises from anywhere, at any time.

  • Required for Some Industries – security camera installations are required for some businesses to record certain areas and store the recordings for a specific period of time.

  • Employee Protection - security cameras can help protect employees by deterring workplace violence or harassment, and potentially providing evidence if an incident does occur.

  • Insurance Benefits - some insurance companies offer discounts to businesses that have security cameras installed, as they are seen as a proactive measure to reduce the risks.

  • Improved Productivity - security cameras can also help improve productivity, as employees are more likely to stay focused and on-task when they know they are being monitored.


Overall, installing security cameras in commercial buildings can help provide a safer and more secure environment for employees, customers, and visitors, while also reducing the risk of loss and liability for the business.

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Our everything. We make sure our projects are delivered to the highest standard, every time.


So sure or quality, we guarantee it. We work with select brands that offer warranty on their equipment. We top it off with our labor warranty.


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Business Security Camera Installation Calgary & Metro Area   

Who Can Benefit from Commercial Security Camera Installation?

Our commercial security camera installation services can help a wide range of clients. We are often called to help install security cameras for businesses and large residential buildings, here is a couple of examples:


  • Warehouse Security Camera Installations – warehouse installations are complex. These projects often involve installing cameras on high ceilings, as well as doing additional wiring and making sure that the whole system is set up correctly.

  • Security Camera Installations for Manufacturing Facilities -  similar to warehouse security cameras, our team will plan the system based on your specific requirements – monitoring areas where employees work, security cameras for entrances and exits and more. In addition, your manufacturing facility may need additional network cabling installed in order to

  • Office Building Security Cameras – require careful planning. Interior security cameras and exterior security cameras are often set up for the projects like this. Entrance & exit security cameras, elevator security cameras, everything needs to be carefully planned and executed so that you have all the visibility you need while respecting the tenants of the office building.

  • Car Dealerships – special category. Security cameras for car dealerships need to be planned for the showroom, entrance, exits, and offices at the same time.

  • Special Facilities – this category covers facilities with special requirements like cannabis stores and other properties that are required to have surveillance installed and recordings stored for a certain period of time.

  • Condos & Apartment Buildings – fall under commercial installations due to the size and complexity. Imagine the scope of security camera installations for the stairwells in a 20 or 50 storey building.

There is more. If you need security camera installation for business, get one of our experts on the phone today!


   Quality Service in Calgary and Beyond   

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   Why Choose Professional Security Camera Installations Calgary?   

Why do you Need Professional Security Camera Installation Services?

While it is easy to buy small security cameras on the internet these are often not the best choice. There is a number of benefits that professional security camera installation services bring to the table, here is a couple of examples:


  • Professional Equipment – when you hire a professional security camera installations company, experts will help you get enterprise-grade security cameras for the right price. Professionals will help choose the right equipment and source it for you. Oftentimes this will cost you less then if you were trying to buy this equipment yourself.

  • Network & Security Camera Planning – an important factor. Professional security camera packages need to be installed using the right wiring. You also need to plan a network in case you want to include more equipment – access control systems, etc. Professionals will help you do it the right way.

  • Time Saving – only professionals can help you get quality installation, on time.

  • Warranty – getting professional security camera installations often means that you will get a warranty on the equipment and/or labor.

  • Expertise - professional installers have the knowledge and experience needed to determine the best placement for cameras, ensure they are installed correctly, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.


  • Customization - professional installers can help you design a customized security system that meets your specific needs and addresses any unique challenges you may face.


The list goes on. Overall, professional security camera installation services can ensure that your security camera package and network are effective and reliable, fast. Get one of our experts on the phone today & launch your

   Work & Thoughts   


The technician came on time, was polite, and took off his shoes. Security installation went smoothly and he took his time to train me and my husband on how to use the security camera equipment. Good experience overall!

Tamara B.

Residential Client

Rock-n-rolled security camera replacements for our house in the metro area. Thank you!

Omar H.

Residential Client

We've been working together on security camera installations and network cabling for a while now. Always good experience working with these guys. Price and installations are always good quality!

Kamil S.

Commercial Partner

Happy with what they did with network cabling and security camera installation for our new home. Our network and all the devices they installed work properly and we had a good experience working with the team.

Melissa P.

Residential Client

Security Camera Installation - Service Areas   

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   Calgary & Beyond   


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