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Access Point Installation Vancouver & Metro Area

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Installation Gurus can help with access point installation, and WiFi network setup for home and commercial clients in Vancouver, Metro Area and beyond. Our team has experience implementing home and commercial WiFi networks of any difficulty.


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WiFi Netork Installtion for Homes, Offices & Industrial Buildings

What is Access Point Installation Service?

Access Point Installation Service is a service that installs wireless access points in an office, home or any other indoor or outdoor location. This can include surveying the site to determine the optimal location for the access points, configuring the settings for the network, ensuring proper security measures are in place, and troubleshooting any issues that arise.


Access Point Installation Service provides configuration of your wireless network based on your specific requirements, as well as ongoing support and maintenance as needed. This ensures that your wireless network remains secure and functioning at its best at all times.

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How Much Does Access Point Installation Cost in Vancouver?

Access Point Installation Cost Vancouver

Access point installation in Vancouver costs from $300-$700+ per access point. Specific cost of access point installation services varies depending on requirements, ease of access, if a network cable needs to be removed, replaced or upgraded etc. The cost of network cable installation will be determined during the estimation process. Book a FREE estimate today!

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Access Point Installation & More

Services Under Access Point Installation Vancouver

Data cable network wiring setup in North Vancouver Office

Data Cabling 

This service involves the setup of wired networks using various types of cables like Cat5e, Cat6, and fiber optic cables. These different cables offer varying levels of speed and performance, allowing you to choose the right one for your networking needs.


Fiber Optic Installation Services

Fiber optic cables transmit information as light signals, offering much faster speeds than traditional cabling. Installation involves careful handling to avoid damaging these delicate cables, and setting up any necessary network hardware.

Security Camera Installation Vancouver.jpg

These services encompass the installation and set up of security cameras and related surveillance systems. Proper installation can enhance property security as well as provide evidence in case of security incidents.


This service includes a number of secondary services - WLAN Networking Setup, Access Point Installation and more. Our team can help set up wireless networks for homes or businesses. It includes installing necessary hardware such as access points and configuring the network for secure, reliable connectivity.

Patch panel in a server room in Vancouver Downtown

Patch Panel Installation & Server Room Installation

A patch panels allow multiple network cables to be connected and managed in an organized way. Installation and termination services ensure these panels are set up correctly, with all cables neatly arranged and accurately labeled. Our team can help install patch panels and server room installation in Vancouver and BC.


Business Phone System Installation

Services in this category involve setting up phone systems designed for business use. This could include Voice over IP (VoIP) systems or traditional landline setups.


This service involves setting up a network to handle both voice communication and data traffic. Different types of cables (Cat 5, Cat5e, Cat 6) can be used depending on the specific requirements.


This service involves the setup of alarm systems which can include burglar alarms, fire alarms and other security devices. Expert installation ensures proper operation and effective protection for home or business premises.


This covers the setup of wireless networks which allow devices to connect to the internet without needing physical cables. It includes installing access points in strategic locations to ensure adequate coverage and configuring the network settings for optimal security and performance.


Network Cable Installation

This includes network cable installation. The newly installed cables and hardware are then tested for proper functioning and performance. Certification then provides a guarantee that everything meets certain industry or brand standards.


This involves the installation of fiber optic cables that can carry single mode or multiple modes of light and it includes testing as well as terminations like ST, SC, LC and MTRJ connectors.

We Serve Residential, Commercial and Industrial Clients in BC

Access Point Installation Services for Home & Business

Our company proudly provides premium access point installation services to a wide range of clients, from small residential homes to large commercial businesses and expansive industrial sites. We understand that each client has unique network needs, which is why our professional team employs a customized approach for every project. 

Whether you need a simple WiFi network for your home, a comprehensive system for your business, or a wireless network coverage for industrial buildings, we have the solution for you. With state-of-the-art technology, meticulous process and  support, we strive to provide you with reliable connectivity that makes your digital life effortless and uninterrupted. Your satisfaction and optimal network performance are our main priority.

  • Homes

  • Multi-Family Homes

  • Office Buildings

  • Car Dealerships

  • Indoor & outdoor WiFi extensions

  • Construction Sites

  • Private Properties

  • Summer Camps

  • Condos

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Restaurants

  • Warehouses

  • Manufacturing & Industrial Buildings

  • Parking Lots

  • Grocery Stores

  • Shopping Malls & Retail

  • And so much more!

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