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Security Camera Installation Surrey

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Our trusted security camera installation contractors in Surrey can help install and configure a security camera system of any difficulty. Our services range from simple security camera installation to advanced integration projects that can include network cable installation, access control, access point installation, and configuration of the system.

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Why Install Security Cameras in Surrey?

Benefits of Security Camera Installations 

The main benefit of security camera installation is often peace of mind that it comes with. However, security camera systems bring a number of other benefits to the table, here is a couple of thigs we hear about most often:


  • Deter Criminals - the presence of security cameras can dissuade potential criminals from attempting burglary or other harmful activities.

  • Policy – some businesses are required to have security cameras installed, others may want to make sure company policies & protocols are followed at all times.

  • Remote Viewing - security cameras give the ability to monitor activities in real time, either while at home or remotely. This gives our clients piece of mind.

  • Record Keeping - with the help of security cameras, one can keep records so they can easily crosscheck the past incidents and activities.

  • Lower Insurance Premiums - some insurance companies offer reduced premiums if you have a security system installed at your home or business.

  • Peace of Mind - knowing that your property is under surveillance 24/7 provides a sense of security and peace of mind.

  • Remote Access - most modern security systems allow you to monitor your cameras from anywhere using your smartphone or computer, which means you always know what’s happening at your home or business.


Have questions about security camera installation Surrey? We are here to help. Book a call with one of our experts today to discuss your next security camera installation project and what we can do to help. Book a FREE estimate today!

Benefits of Professional Security Cameras Surrey

Why Choose Professional Security Cameras?

Professional cameras are professional for a reason. Similar to other solutions, professional security camera packages have


  • High Quality - professional security cameras provide high-quality footage that can be crucial when identifying faces or details necessary for investigations.

  • Reliability - professional systems are often more reliable, with better ongoing support and less risk of equipment failure.

  • Advanced Features - many professional cameras come with advanced features such as superior night vision, motion detection, facial recognition, or integration with other smart devices or systems.

  • Customization - a professional system can be customized to fit your exact needs, whether you need one camera or several to cover a large area.

  • Installation & Maintenance Support - when choosing a professional camera, you often get professional installation and maintenance support, ensuring your system is correctly set up and remains operational.

  • Better Storage Options - rofessional security cameras come with more reliable and larger storage options than consumer-grade cameras, which ensure important footage is not lost or overwritten.

  • Future Proofing - professional systems are designed to allow for future upgrades, so your initial investment can be protected.


Overall, knowing that your security camera system includes high quality, professional equipment gives you an extra layer of reassurance that it will function properly, will be covered by warranty and come with other benefits that professional equipment brings to the table. Book a FREE estimate today!


Security Camera Installation we Install in Surrey

Types of Security Cameras for Your Property

Security camera systems in Surrey come in all shapes and sizes and can be configured to work for your property and your specific needs. Various types of security cameras serve different purposes and can help with monitoring different areas inside or outside the property or in a commercial setting.


  • Dome Cameras - these are designed for indoor security and surveillance applications. The name is derived from the camera's dome shape, which makes it difficult to tell where the camera is aiming.

  • Bullet Cameras - often used outdoors. They are equipped with protective casings to shield them from dust, dirt, and other natural elements.

  • Night Vision Cameras - as the name implies, these cameras can capture high-resolution imagery even in complete darkness, perfect for monitoring your property during the night or in low light conditions.

  • PTZ Cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) - allow you to control the camera’s movement and focus, offering the choice to go up, down, right, left, and zoom in and out, giving you more comprehensive area coverage.

  • Day/Night Camera - designed to operate both in regular and poorly lit environments, adjusting based on the level of light available.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Security Cameras – our team will recommend the best security cameras to work for your needs.

  • Thermal-Imaging Cameras - primarily used in high-security zones, these cameras use infrared radiation to capture images, making them effective in dark or obscured situations.


The best security camera for your specific needs will vary depending on your property, your overall system, the devices you want to integrate and other factors. Talk to one of our security camera installation contractors today!

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