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Security Camera Installation Cost Vancouver & BC

Cost of Security Camera Installation

Learn more about the cost of security camera installation and other services in Vancouver, the Metro are, British Columbia, and beyond.

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Price of Security Camera Installation Vancovuer

How Much Does Security Camera Installation Cost in Vancouver?

Cost of security camera installation in Vancouver ranges from $400-$600 per camera. This includes cost of professional security camera, network cable installation, NVR (network video recorder), cost of labour and warranty. Cost of security camera installation in Vancouver can vary depending on ease of access, location of the property, specific security cameras that need to be installed, as well as additional equipment needed (e.g. scissor lifts etc.).


An average cost of security camera package installation in Vancouver is at $2,000 for a package of four security cameras and an NVR, including labour and warranty.


Our team will estimate project cost during the estimation process. Book a FREE estimate today!

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What Impacts the Cost of Security Camera Installation?

Security Camera Installation Cost Factors in Vancouver

The cost of installing security cameras in Vancouver can vary depending on factors such as the number of security cameras, the brand, property size, ease of access


  • Number and Type of Cameras - the choice of the camera will heavily influence the costs. Basic cameras might be cheaper but may not provide high-definition video or night vision. Advanced IP or thermal cameras which have more features (wireless, HD video, pan-tilt-zoom actions, motion detection, night vision, etc.) would cost more.

  • Installation Complexity - if the installation is complicated (requires hardwiring, setup on difficult locations, extensive cabling, etc.), then professional installation charges will be higher.

  • Size and Layout of Property - larger properties such as large homes or businesses may need more cameras for full coverage, which would mean a higher cost for material and installation.

  • Additional Equipment and Accessories - items such as digital video recorders (DVRs), network video recorders (NVRs), monitors, mounts, and other accessories will also add to your total costs.

  • Brand & Model - the security camera brand you choose can significantly impact the price as well. Top brands like Axis, Bosch, or Panasonic might cost more due to their quality assurance.

  • Outdoor vs Indoor Cameras - outdoor cameras often require weatherproofing and are typically more expensive compared to indoor ones.


Always remember to get quotes from multiple security companies before finalizing your decision to understand the market price.

Do You Need an Expert to Install Security Cameras?

Why Hire Professional Security Camera Installation Company?

  • Requirements – some locations require security camera installation to be completed by professionals.

  • Expertise & Experience – these professionals have the tools, skills, and experience required to install cameras efficiently and correctly. They are aware of the best locations to install cameras for optimal coverage and can also guide you in choosing the right type of system for your home or business.

  • Correct Setup – a professional company will ensure all components are installed correctly, including any network configurations necessary for cameras or ensuring NVR is properly set up for recording purposes.

  • Warranty – professional equipment comes with a warranty that in some cases covers the equipment, in others – labor or both.

  • Comprehensive Assessment – ensure 100% coverage. Otherwise, security cameras may not do its job as intended.

  • Troubleshooting – if problems arise during installation or after, a professional will know how to fix these issues promptly.

  • Training – once everything is set up, professionals will walk you through how everything works so you can be confident in using your new security system effectively.

  • Customization – professionals can provide a customized plan based on your particular situation or needs rather than a cookie-cutter approach from DIY kits.

  • How Long Does Security Camera Installation Take?
    Security camera installation takes from 4 hours to 2 days and more. Specific duration of your security camera installation project depends on the number of camaras that need to be installed, the amount of network cabling required, availability of the equipment needed for the project (e.g. fork lifts, scissor lifts) and other factors. Our team will estimate project duration during the FREE estimation process.
  • Is it hard to install security cameras?
    Professional security camera installation can be complex due to system configuration and network cabling requirements.
  • Do security cameras need WiFi?
    Not all security cameras need WiFi. In fact, professional security camera systems are mostly wired.
  • Can a Security Camera Without WiFi be viewed from my phone?
    Yes. Professional security cameras use NVR to send video footage to the network that can be viewed from any device – laptop, mobile phone etc.
  • Will battery security cameras work well in Canada during the winter?
    No, it won’t. One of the biggest problems with wireless security cameras is that they need to get batteries replaced. This is a problem in Canada because of the cold temperatures. In addition, it may be hard or even dangerous to access cameras due to the height.

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