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 Starlink Installation Calgary & Beyond 

Over 1,000 Years in Security Camera Footage & Counting!

Welcome to Installation Gurus, trusted provider of Starlink installation services in Calgary and beyond. We offer a range of professional services from services specific to Starlink installations  - Starlink roof mounting, Starlink cable installations of various difficulty and more.

Any Starlink installation starts from discussing your particular scenario with an expert. Talk to one of our technicians today!


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   Security Cameras Installation for Business in Calgary   

What is Starlink & What are the Benefits of Using Starlink?

Starlink is an innovative satellite internet launched by Eilon Musk in 2019. Starlink system is planned to include up to 12,000 satelites and may be extended to up to 42,000 over time. Starlink is getting increasingly popular in Canada, the US and multiple countries throughout the world – Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Australia and more.

Starlink offers a number of benefits to it’s user, including:

  • Good Price – starlink doesn’t use landlines to supply it’s customers with internet. As a result, Starlink is relatively affordable compared some other internet providers, especially in rural areas.

  • Speed – Starlink internet speed can reach 300 Mbps, while many traditional providers offer lower speeds, especially in the far-removed rural areas of the country.

  • Portable – Starlink internet is a lot more portable compared to the cable internet and even mobile internet. According to the company you can use Starlink internet from wherever you are – from the boat, a rural area and more.

  • Widely-Available – Starlink Internet does not rely on cables or cell towers. As a result, it is available in areas that are far removed.

  • The Sky is the Limit – to use Starlink internet, all you need is a clear sky and the Starlink dish installed according to requirements.


While we can’t help with the clear skies, out team of experts can help you setup Starlink internet for your property in Calgary and beyond. Get one of our experts on the phone today!

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Our everything. We make sure our projects are delivered to the highest standard, every time.


So sure or quality, we guarantee it. We work with select brands that offer warranty on their equipment. We top it off with our labor warranty.


Approved to deliver excellend quality to our clients.

Excellent Price

Always a factor, we offer a special discount to all our new clients.


 Starlink Installation Calgary & Beyond 

Who Can Benefit from Starlink Internet?

Starlink Internet does not rely on cables, cell phone towers or other limitations that traditional internet providers need in order to provide internet connection.

This can make Starlink potentially accessible in some of the removed areas (check Starlink coverage area here).


According to the manufacturer Starlink Internet can potentially be used in:

  • Rural Areas – areas where traditional internet is slow, unavailable or just too expensive.

  • Boats – provided that you have all the necessary equipment and Starlink connection – check the map above.

  • Cottages – provided of course that you have the routers, power supply, cables, and access to the clear sky.

  • Cars & Vans – there is a Starlink that can be mounted in cars & vans too.


The list goes on. Wherever you are planning to use your Starlink, the first step is getting one of our technicians on the phone to discuss the specifics of your situation. Talk to an expert today!


   Quality Service in Calgary and Beyond   

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   Work & Thoughts   


The technician came on time, was polite, and took off his shoes. Security installation went smoothly and he took his time to train me and my husband on how to use the security camera equipment. Good experience overall!

Tamara B.

Residential Client

Rock-n-rolled security camera replacements for our house in the metro area. Thank you!

Omar H.

Residential Client

We've been working together on security camera installations and network cabling for a while now. Always good experience working with these guys. Price and installations are always good quality!

Kamil S.

Commercial Partner

Happy with what they did with network cabling and security camera installation for our new home. Our network and all the devices they installed work properly and we had a good experience working with the team.

Melissa P.

Residential Client

 Starlink Installation in Calgary & Beyond 

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This is not our first project. We've been perfecting our process, learning ourselves and training our people for years. The result - a well thought-through process that makes it easy to deliver quality work on time.



Get one of our experts on the phone to discuss your project, it's objectives and other details.


The Work

Our team delivers the work, following the agreed-upon scope.


On-Site Estimate

Complex network cabling & security camera installation projects require a free on-site estimate.



Qulity and the so-much-neded peace of mind that your project is executed to the highest standard.

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