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Security Camera Installation Vancouver, Metropolitan Area & Beyond!   

Over 1,000 Years in Security Camera Footage & Counting!

Welcome to Installation Gurus, your trusted source of Security Camera Installation services in Vancouver, the Metro area and beyond. Our teams are trained to design networks and install all the necessary equipment for your home and office – from network cabling, to security camera installation services, access control installation to cable certification and more.


If you are looking for quality, your search is over, you found us. Get started today with a special offer!


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   Security Cameras Installation Vancouver   

What are the Benefits of Security Camera Installation Services in Vancouver?

When installed properly, security cameras can bring a number of benefits for commercial and residential properties in Vancouver and beyond. Here is a couple of examples:


  • Crime prevention – security camera installations can be done in a way that helps prevent potential intruders from entering your property. The idea is that if intruders know that they are being filmed, they will be more likely to avoid entering your property.


  • Improved safety - security cameras can help prevent accidents and injuries by monitoring hazardous areas and identifying potential safety hazards.


  • Remote monitoring – or a peace of mind. Many modern security cameras can be accessed remotely via a smartphone or computer, allowing you to keep an eye on your property even when you are away.


  • Peace of mind – one of the outcomes of remote monitoring – being able to check on your home or office from wherever you are will give you so-much-needed peace of mind.


  • Cost savings - installing security cameras can help reduce your insurance premiums (some insurance companies may offer you a discount), as well as minimize the risk of theft and property damage, potentially saving you money in the long run.


  • Requirements – some industries are required to have security cameras installed to monitor certain areas in their property. Some businesses also need to keep these recordings for a certain period of time.


Overall, installing security cameras can help improve safety and security, and provide peace of mind to homeowners and business owners.


Our security camera installation contractors are trained to deliver excellent quality service every time. Don’t wait, get one of our experts on the phone today!


Our everything. We make sure our projects are delivered to the highest standard, every time.


So sure or quality, we guarantee it. We work with select brands that offer warranty on their equipment. We top it off with our labor warranty.


Approved to deliver excellend quality to our clients.

Excellent Price

Always a factor, we offer a special discount to all our new clients.


Why Choose Professional Security Camera Installations?   

Who can Benefit From Security Camera Installation Services Vancouver?

Security camera installation services come in handy for a variety of commercial and residential facilities. From offices and parking lots to homes and cottages. Here is a couple of more detailed examples:


  • Security Camera Installation for Homes – the most important place to protect. Residential security camera installations are one of our most popular services in Vancouver

  • Security Camera Installation for Cottages – where it’s your second home or summer home, many of our clients in get security camera installations for their cottages for peace of mind that their property is safe

  • Warehouse Security Camera Installation – another common ask. Warehouse security camera installations can be tough to handle. Due to the height of ceilings inside the warehouses, installing cameras there can be tough. But we have all the necessary equipment to handle it!

  • Other Business Security Camera Installations – commercial security camera installations can get complex if your industry has specific requirements for the security cameras


We can handle security camera installations for many commercial and residential properties in and around Vancouver. Don’t wait, get one of our security camera installation contractors on the phone today!


   Quality Service in Vancouver and Beyond   

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   Why Choose Professional Security Camera Installations Vancouver?   

Why do you Need Professional Security Camera Installation Services?

While it is easy to buy small security cameras on the internet these are often not the best choice. There is a number of benefits that professional security camera installation services bring to the table, here is a couple of examples:


  • Professional Equipment – when you hire a professional security camera installations company, experts will help you get enterprise-grade security cameras for the right price. Professionals will help choose the right equipment and source it for you. Oftentimes this will cost you less then if you were trying to buy this equipment yourself.

  • Network & Security Camera Planning – an important factor. Professional security camera packages need to be installed using the right wiring. You also need to plan a network in case you want to include more equipment – access control systems, etc. Professionals will help you do it the right way.

  • Time Saving – only professionals can help you get quality installation, on time.

  • Warranty – getting professional security camera installations often means that you will get a warranty on the equipment and/or labor.

  • Expertise - professional installers have the knowledge and experience needed to determine the best placement for cameras, ensure they are installed correctly, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.


  • Customization - professional installers can help you design a customized security system that meets your specific needs and addresses any unique challenges you may face.


The list goes on. Overall, professional security camera installation services can ensure that your security camera package and network are effective and reliable, fast. Get one of our experts on the phone today & launch your

   Work & Thoughts   


The technician came on time, was polite, and took off his shoes. Security installation went smoothly and he took his time to train me and my husband on how to use the security camera equipment. Good experience overall!

Tamara B.

Residential Client

Rock-n-rolled security camera replacements for our house in the metro area. Thank you!

Omar H.

Residential Client

We've been working together on security camera installations and network cabling for a while now. Always good experience working with these guys. Price and installations are always good quality!

Kamil S.

Commercial Partner

Happy with what they did with network cabling and security camera installation for our new home. Our network and all the devices they installed work properly and we had a good experience working with the team.

Melissa P.

Residential Client

Security Camera Installation - Service Areas   

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   Vancouver & Beyond   


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