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   Security Camera Installation Chestermere   

Over 1,000 Years in Security Camera Footage & Counting!

Installation Gurus is a security camera installation company servicing Chestermere. Our services range from residential & commercial security camera installtions to network cabling, access control installations, access point installation, Ubiquiti installation and more.

If you are looking for quality, your search is over, you found us. Get one of our security camera contractors on the phone today!


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   Home & Commercial Security Camera Installation Chestermere   

Why Choose Professional Security Camera Installations Chestermere?

Most clients come to us looking for peace of mind. This is where professional security camera installers come in. There is a number of reasons to work with professional security camera contractors, including:


  • Experience & Expertise – similar to every industry, choose professional expertise will give you the optimal solution From choosing the right cameras for your objectives, ensuring the right security camera placement, and maximizing the use of available features.

  • Quality & Time – this is not our first security camera installation. We install cameras every day. As a result, we deliver excellent quality security camera installations on time. We’ve invested out time in learning the craft, so you don’t have to.

  • Quality Installation - professional installers will ensure that your security cameras are installed correctly and functioning properly. They will ensure that the cameras are wired correctly, properly positioned, and tested for functionality.

  • Customized Solutions - professional installers can evaluate your objectives and recommend the right network cabling or security camera installation solution. Should you network be designed to include access control systems, additional access point installations, multiple security cameras etc.

  • Troubleshooting - if any issues arise with your security cameras, professional installers will be able to troubleshoot and resolve them quickly and efficiently.

  • Warranty & Support – professional network cabling & security camera installation contractors will be able to guide you through the optimal security camera package that will give you a manufacturer warranty and more.


Overall, working with professional security camera installers can save you time, provide you with a customized solution, and ensure that your security cameras are installed correctly and functioning properly.

If you are looking for quality security camera installation & network cabling, get one of the Installation Guru contractors on the phone today!

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Our everything. We make sure our projects are delivered to the highest standard, every time.


So sure or quality, we guarantee it. We work with select brands that offer warranty on their equipment. We top it off with our labor warranty.


Approved to deliver excellend quality to our clients.

Excellent Price

Always a factor, we offer a special discount to all our new clients.


   Security Camera Installation, Network Cabling & More   

Why Choose Professional Security Cameras in Chestermere?

There is a number of things that distinguish professional security cameras from non-professional equipment. First – peace of mind. Generally, professional security cameras offer a number of features that non-professional cameras don’t – multiple types of cameras that can be integrated into one network, vandal-proof options, night vision, zoom, and more. Here are a couple of reasons to choose professional security cameras over non-professional equipment:


  • High-Quality Equipment - professional security cameras use high-quality equipment that is designed for commercial or industrial use. These cameras often have better image quality, improved features, and better durability than consumer-grade cameras.

  • Features – some commercial security cameras are designed to solve tough problems. Vandal-proof, weather-resistant equipment, rotation capabilities, and more.

  • Customized Solutions - because commercial security cameras offer a number of features and can be integrated into one network, security camera installation experts can set up different security cameras in different areas. For example, a camera watching a parking lot or the driveway of your home may be different from a camera overseeing other areas around your home or office.

  • Ongoing Support - professional security cameras are typically installed by professionals. Many of the professionals will help train you on using equipment and in some cases, may be able to help with the equipment in the future. Overall, when working with experts, there will be someone who knows the answers to your questions about the equipment.

  • Peace of Mind – for many people that’s the biggest reason to get security camera packages in the first place.


Overall, professional security cameras bring the quality that truly delivers on your specific requirements. Most importantly, professional security cameras are more likely to offer the peace of mind that so many people need.


If you are looking for security camera installation, get one of our security camera installation contractors on the phone today!


   Quality Service in Airdrie and Beyond   

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   What Security Camera Types are Available?   

What Security Camera Can be Right to Accomplish your Objectives?

There are several types of security cameras available, each with its own unique features & capabilities. Some of the most common types include:

  1. Dome Cameras - these cameras are named after their dome-shaped housing and can often be used for indoor or outdoor surveillance. 

  2. Bullet Cameras - bullet cameras are cylindrical in shape and are typically used for outdoor surveillance. They are easy to mount and can be used in low-light conditions.

  3. PTZ Cameras - PTZ stands for pan, tilt, and zoom. These cameras can be remotely controlled to move left or right, up or down, and zoom in or out. They are sometimes used in large areas like shopping centers.

  4. Wireless Cameras - these cameras use Wi-Fi or cellular technology to transmit images and video. They are easy to install and can be accessed remotely. Most often these are not professional cameras, but rather consumer-grade soltuions.

  5. Thermal Cameras - thermal cameras detect heat signatures and can be used to detect motion in low-light conditions. Can be an alternative to motion cameras, as motion cameras can sometimes react to moves like moving trees etc.

  6. Day/Night Cameras - another categorization - in some cases, cameras used to monitor night settings may be different from day cameras. Some cameras allow for visibility during the day & during the night.

Each type of security camera has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it's essential to consider the specific needs of your property or business when selecting a type of camera. This is where professional security camera installers come in. Get your security cameras picked & configured to your requirements today!

   Work & Thoughts   


The technician came on time, was polite, and took off his shoes. Security installation went smoothly and he took his time to train me and my husband on how to use the security camera equipment. Good experience overall!

Tamara B.

Residential Client

Rock-n-rolled security camera replacements for our house in the metro area. Thank you!

Omar H.

Residential Client

We've been working together on security camera installations and network cabling for a while now. Always good experience working with these guys. Price and installations are always good quality!

Kamil S.

Commercial Partner

Happy with what they did with network cabling and security camera installation for our new home. Our network and all the devices they installed work properly and we had a good experience working with the team.

Melissa P.

Residential Client

Security Camera Installation - Service Areas   

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   Calgary & Beyond   


This is not our first project. We've been perfecting our process, learning ourselves and training our people for years. The result - a well thought-through process that makes it easy to deliver quality work on time.



Get one of our experts on the phone to discuss your project, it's objectives and other details.


The Work

Our team delivers the work, following the agreed-upon scope.


On-Site Estimate

Complex network cabling & security camera installation projects require a free on-site estimate.



Qulity and the so-much-neded peace of mind that your project is executed to the highest standard.

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