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   Security Camera Installation Airdrie   

Over 1,000 Years in Security Camera Footage & Counting!

Installation Gurus is a security camera installation company Airdrie that emphasizes quality. Our services range from security camera installations for homes & business to advanced services – network planning, network cabling, Ubiquiti installation and configuration, Starlink installations and more.


If you are looking for quality, your search is over, you found us. Talk to one of our expert security camera installers today!


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   Home & Business Security Camera Installation Airdrie   

Why Choose Professional Security Camera Installations?

Security camera installations can get complex. While there is plenty of equipment on the market that is designed to be easy to use, often times this equipment won’t give you all the benefits that security cameras bring to the table.


Here is a couple of reasons to choose professional security camera installations:


  • Equipment – professional security camera installers will recommend and install the right security camera equipment following all the government requirements. In addition, professional installers may have access to security cameras that is hard to get.

  • Expertise - professional installers have the training and experience necessary to ensure that your cameras are installed correctly and in the best possible locations to provide maximum coverage and protection.

  • Customization - a professional installer can help you design a customized security system that meets your specific needs. They can also advise you on the best types of cameras and other equipment to use based on your location and security requirements.

  • Network Planning – especially in scenarios where you need a more complex system in place, it may be about more that just security cameras. Professional security camera installers may be able to help design a bigger network for your requirements to include access control equipment, special monitoring equipment, storage and more.

  • Peace of Mind - when you have a professional install your security cameras, you can feel confident that they are properly installed and functioning correctly. This can give you peace of mind knowing that your property is being protected. Often times peace of mind is what our clients are looking for and professional security camera installation.

  • Warranty – professional installers work with their equipment every day. They will be able to suggest the right equipment to fit your requirements, including warranty protection.


Overall, a professional security camera installation service can provide you with the expertise, equipment, customization, peace of mind, and support you need to protect your property and assets.


If you are looking for professional security camera installations Airdrie, get one of our experts on the phone today!

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Our everything. We make sure our projects are delivered to the highest standard, every time.


So sure or quality, we guarantee it. We work with select brands that offer warranty on their equipment. We top it off with our labor warranty.


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Business Security Camera Installation Calgary & Metro Area   

What are the Benefits of Professional Security Camera Equipment?

Professional is considered professional for a reason. Security cameras that are widely advertised can help accomplish a limited set of objectives, but likely won’t give you desired peace of mind. Enterprise-grade security camera equipment will bring a number of benefits, including:


  • Quality - professional security cameras are typically higher quality than consumer-grade cameras. They often have better image resolution, wider viewing angles, and more advanced features such as night vision and motion detection.

  • Reliability - professional cameras are designed to be more durable and reliable than consumer-grade cameras. They are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and are less likely to fail or malfunction. In addition, professional cameras come with a range of other benefits like

  • Customization - professional cameras can be customized to fit your specific needs. They can be programmed to record at certain times, send alerts when motion is detected, and integrate with other security systems such as alarms and access control systems.

  • Integration – professional security cameras can often be integrated in a wider network – paired with access control devices, monitors etc.

  • Assortment – not all security cameras are born equal – bullet cameras, dome cameras and more. Many of the professional brands will offer a variety of cameras that you can use to monitor areas with different requirements.

  • Expert Installation - when you purchase professional cameras, they are typically installed by experts who have the training and experience necessary to ensure that the cameras are installed correctly and in the best possible locations to provide maximum coverage and protection.

  • Warranty & Support - professional camera systems often come with technical support to help you troubleshoot any issues you may encounter. In addition, some of the installers will offer labor warranty in addition to the warranty that comes with the equipment.


Overall, choosing professional security cameras can provide you with higher quality, reliability, customization options, expert installation, and support to help you protect your property and assets.


Get one of our expert security camera installers on the phone today & get a special offer!


   Quality Service in Airdrie and Beyond   

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   What Security Camera Types are Available?   

What Security Camera Can be Right to Accomplish your Objectives?

​There is a number of security cameras available on the market. Each is designed to give you specific benefits an d capabilities - vandal protection, view angle, night vision or the simplicity of use. Here is a couple of the most common security cameras available on the market:

  • Dome Cameras - dome cameras are a common type of indoor & outdoor security camera. They are shaped like a dome and can be mounted on a ceiling or wall. Dome cameras are popular because they are discreet and difficult to tamper with. Some security camera packages with dome cameras also include an NVR that you can use to record the cameras. In some cases, remote viewing on your phone or TV is also available.

  • Bullet Cameras - bullet cameras are a type of outdoor security camera. They are long and sometimes cylindrical and are typically mounted on a wall or ceiling. Often times bullet cameras have wider and longer ranges compared to dome cameras.

  • PTZ Cameras - PTZ stands for Pan-Tilt-Zoom. These cameras are designed to move horizontally and vertically and can zoom in and out to provide a closer look at specific areas. PTZ cameras are often used in large spaces where a single camera cannot cover the entire area.

  • Wireless Cameras - wireless cameras are a popular option for people who want to monitor their homes or businesses remotely. They use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet and can be accessed through a mobile app or website. These cameras are often easy to install and in many cases are developed as a consumer products, as opposed to professional equipment.

  • Thermal Cameras - thermal cameras use heat signatures to detect movement and activity. They are often used in industrial or commercial settings where detecting heat signatures is important for safety or security reasons.

These are just a few of the many types of security cameras available on the market. We recommend discussing the specific type of security camera with an expert so that it can have optimal performance for your specific situation.

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