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Avigilon Installation Vancouver & Beyond

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Installation Gurus team of trusted security camera installation contractors can help with Avigilon Installation in Vancouver and beyond. From installing various Aviglion security cameras, to access control system installation and more. Talk to one of our experts about your Aviglion project.


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Avigilon Systems Explained

What is Avigilon?

Avigilon is a leading provider of advanced video surveillance solutions. The company offers a wide range of high-definition cameras, video management software (VMS), video analytics, access control integration, cloud services, and other security products. Avigilon's systems are designed to provide enhanced security, situational awareness, and operational efficiency for various industries and applications.

Their video surveillance solutions feature high-resolution cameras that deliver clear and detailed images, allowing for accurate identification of people and objects. Avigilon's video management software provides centralized management and control of surveillance systems, enabling users to monitor live and recorded video, manage cameras and settings, and access advanced analytics and search tools.

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Why Choose Avigilon Security Camera Installation?

Benefits of Avigilon Installation in Vancouver?

Avigilon has several benefits that make it a preferred choice for many organizations - from office buildings and shopping malls to parking lots and more. Some of the Avigilon benefits include:


  • High-resolution video quality - Avigilon cameras offer high-definition video, which provides clear and detailed images. 

  • Advanced video analytics - Avigilon's video analytics capabilities use advanced algorithms to detect and analyze specific events or behaviors. This includes object detection, facial recognition, people counting, and more. 

  • Wide range of camera options – there is a wide range of Avigilon security cameras, including fixed dome, bullet, panoramic, and PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras. 

  • Scalable & flexible - Avigilon's surveillance systems are highly scalable, allowing for easy expansion as the organization's needs grow. Whether it's adding more cameras or integrating with other systems, Avigilon provides a flexible solution that adapts to requirements.

  • Centralized management - Avigilon's Control Center software provides a centralized management platform for monitoring and managing multiple cameras and sites. 

  • Mobile access -Avigilon offers mobile apps that allow users to access and view live or recorded video footage directly from their smartphones or tablets.

  • Integration with third-party systems - Avigilon's open architecture allows for seamless integration with a wide range of third-party systems, such as access control, alarms, and video management platforms. This integration enhances overall security effectiveness and streamlines operations.

  • Reliability - Avigilon's surveillance products are known for their reliability and durability, making them suitable for various environments and challenging conditions. This ensures continuous functionality and minimizes system downtime.


When it comes to commercial security camera installation, Avigilon is one of the top brands to consider. Talk to one of our experts today to discuss how Avigilon installation services can benefit your property.

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Avigilon Installation in Vancouver

Who can Benefit from Avigilon Installation?

Enhance the security of your commercial property in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia with Avigilon installation by Installation Gurus. As the premier provider of professional surveillance system installations, we bring expertise, reliability, and exceptional service to ensure your property is protected.


With Avigilon's cutting-edge video surveillance technology, we offer high-resolution cameras, advanced video analytics, and a range of camera options tailored to your specific needs. Our team can help design and install scalable systems that provide clear and detailed images, enabling accurate monitoring of your commercial property.


At Installation Gurus, we understand that each commercial property has unique security requirements. Our team will work closely with you to assess your property, recommend the most suitable Avigilon solution, and expertly install the system to maximize coverage while minimizing blind spots.

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Avigilon Solutions Setup Vancouver

What Systems are Offered by Avigilon?

Avigilon offers a comprehensive range of surveillance systems and solutions that cater to various security needs. From security cameras and access control to advanced analytics and AI security systems. Some of the most popular solutions by Avigilon include:


  • Video Management Software (VMS) - Avigilon Control Center is a powerful and intuitive VMS that provides centralized management and control of video surveillance cameras. It allows users to view live and recorded video, manage camera settings, and access advanced analytics and search tools.

  • Security Cameras - Avigilon offers a wide selection of high-definition cameras, including fixed dome cameras, bullet cameras, panoramic cameras, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, and thermal cameras. These cameras deliver exceptional image quality, advanced analytics, and robust performance in different environmental conditions.

  • Video Analytics - Avigilon's advanced video analytics capabilities utilize artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to detect, analyze, and provide real-time alerts for specific events or behaviors. This includes features like facial recognition, object detection, people counting, perimeter protection, and unusual motion detection.

  • Access Control Integration - Avigilon integrates with leading access control systems, allowing for seamless management and control of both video surveillance and access control within a single platform. This integration enhances security and streamlines operations for businesses and organizations.

  • Cloud Services - Avigilon offers cloud-based solutions that enable secure storage, remote access, and management of video footage. Their cloud services provide flexibility, scalability, and easy integration with the existing infrastructure.



There is more. Avigilon offers several other systems such as self-learning video analytics, appearance search systems, control center mobile, and more. Talk to one of our experts about the best approach to your Avigilon installation project.

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